Our Story

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inHouse is a project born at the very heart of the restaurant industry in New York.

We met as colleagues at NoMad in New York; Nick as Dining Room Manager, Benjy as Head Maitre D’ & Director of Guest Relations, quickly bonding as two international transplants to the city.

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winde bottleBenjy had started working on an idea to think more strategically about regulars; how to look after our existing regulars, and how to develop new regulars. He started a pilot with 13 restaurant teams across the city. Some fine dining, some more casual, but all teams that were best-in-category, and all teams that shared a similar hospitality ethos.


Each team was invited to nominate a few of their most cherished regulars into the program. The idea was to recognize the relationships regulars had built at one restaurant, across the other twelve. We would share dining profile notes and offer reciprocity of access, welcome, and experience so that leading restaurants and committed regulars could both expand their existing relationships across the city to mutual benefit.

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Immediately every restaurant started building new regulars from a collection of guests who were peer-reviewed, supportive, curious, and best-in-class diners from around the city. Nick saw firsthand the impact on the dining room at NoMad, and it wasn’t long before we were working together to push the concept forward.

Since then, we’ve grown. We’re proud to now count as partners some of the most dynamic restaurant teams across London & New York. We’ve also launched event programming and content which seek to both bring together and champion our community of industry professionals and eager regulars.

We’re continuing to expand internationally, connecting and extending hospitality at a global scale, and we hope you’ll consider joining us inHouse.

Benjy & Nick

Founder, and Managing Partner