Unusual Eats in Hong Kong: 10 Offbeat Restaurants and Cafes

Hong Kong food scene is top-notch, but sometimes you want a bit of extra flair with your meal. That’s where these quirky themed spots come in. From Harry Potter hideouts to Transformer-packed diners, these places spice up dining with their themes and unique menus. Ready for a dining adventure that’ll amp up both your appetite and your Instagram feed? Check out these one-of-a-kind eateries!

1. Transformers: The Ark 

Feel like an Autobot at the world’s first Transformers-themed restaurant. The whole place is decked out like the Transformers’ spaceship, The Ark. It’s a tech marvel partnered with Hasbro, boasting 3D screens, a massive LED entrance, and a three-meter Optimus Prime statue. Plus, they serve up comfort food like burgers and chicken, made by virtual Autobots and delivered on virtual conveyor belts!

2. 9 ¾ 

For all the Potterheads, 9 ¾ is your Hogwarts escape. No need for a magical letter—just head to this Harry Potter-themed café in Mong Kok. Decked out with Potter merchandise, from broomsticks to spell books, this place feels like a wizard’s dream. The menu’s got Western bites like burgers and pasta, but the drinks come in potion-like bottles. Don’t miss snapping pics with the iconic Harry Potter glasses and disappearing trolley!

3. Cafe Match Box 

Step back into ’80s Hong Kong at Cafe Match Box, a retro diner meets cha chaan teng spot. It’s got that old-school Hong Kong vibe, complete with seating styled after minibuses. Chow down on classics like French toast and barbecue pork while enjoying a family and pet-friendly atmosphere.

4. Bite by Bite 

Release your inner child at Bite by Bite, a playground-meets-Hong Kong-themed café in Mong Kok. Their menu mixes street food with a creative twist—imagine dish ball skewers with masala curry or egg waffles on a painter’s palette. The place is decked out with playful aesthetics, like tables with monkey bar handles.

5. Hoo 

Craving Korean flavors? Hoo’s got your back. It’s a Korean-style dai pai dong minus the outdoor setting, decked out with South Korean vibes and neon lighting. Dive into favorites like fried chicken, seafood pancakes, and kimchi stew for that post-work hangout vibe.

6. Wonder Garden Cafe 

Join Alice for a tea party at Wonder Garden Cafe, a Wonderland-inspired spot serving up Western-style dishes. Try the Smoked Carvair Risotto or the Apple Caramel Mousse Cake while admiring the Alice in Wonderland-themed decorations and drinks served in pill-like bottles.

7. Hibi Cafe 

Take a trip down memory lane at Hibi Cafe, a school-themed Japanese café tucked away in Kwun Tong. Wooden desks and chairs set the nostalgic tone as you dig into classic Japanese comfort food like okonomiyaki and udon.

8. Sinsa-dong Bathhouse 

Dine in a Korean-style bathhouse setting at Sinsa-dong Bathhouse, offering a unique ambiance with shower, bathtub, and black-tiled walls. The menu’s packed with Korean comfort food staples like chicken, bulgogi, and bibimbap.

9. Cabin Crew Coffee by Holly Brown 

Experience an airline-themed adventure at Cabin Crew Coffee by Holly Brown in Tsim Sha Tsui. They’ve got a window seat wall and even a boarding gate display panel. Dive into burgers, pizza, and steak, and don’t miss their premium coffee!

10. Campsite 

Love camping? Campsite’s your spot. This camping-themed restaurant mixes Western and Japanese flavors with dishes like wagyu and s’mores. It’s the outdoor adventure vibe without actually roughing it outdoors.

These themed spots add a dash of excitement to your dining experience. Whether you’re a fan of robots, wizards, or just good food with a twist, Hong Kong’s got a place for you!