Hanging Out at Cafe Kitty in Soho, London

You’ve got to hear about this spot in Soho called Cafe Kitty. It’s a bit different from what you’d expect in the area, and it’s pretty cool.

The Scene in Soho

So, right near Cafe Kitty, there’s this place with flashy lights called the Mood Sex Shop. But don’t worry, we’re not talking about that. Instead, focus on the cafe vibes with their menu full of delicious-sounding stuff like devilled eggs and buffalo chicken with stilton dressing. That’s what I’m here for!

Changes in Soho

Soho’s changed a lot over time. The old days with their protection rackets and red lamps are gone. But it’s not all bad; there’s new stuff happening, like the Boulevard Theatre. It used to be something else way back when, but now it’s all revamped and cool, hosting shows and stuff.

Inside Cafe Kitty

Walk into Cafe Kitty, and it feels like stepping into a mix of vintage and modern styles. The place has these deep blue seats, pink walls with cool shapes, and even an old piano in the corner. It’s got that artsy vibe going on.

Food and Drinks

The food here? Oh man, it’s good! They’ve got these crispy potatoes that everyone’s crazy about and a legit Caesar salad that’s up there with the fancy ones you find at top places. The menu’s full of tasty small bites like devilled eggs and trout gravadlax.

And drinks? Try the Bad Kitty—it’s gin, sloe gin, elderflower, lemon, and cava, and it’s a winner.

Soho’s Buzz

Soho’s always buzzing, you know? Lights everywhere, tons of things to do. Cafe Kitty fits right into that vibe, inviting you to hang out, enjoy a cocktail, maybe grab a dessert, or even catch a show nearby. It’s got that Soho charm nailed down.

Giving Back and Cool Reads

And hey, shoutout to awesome charities like the Food Chain and Well Grounded. They’re doing great stuff—Food Chain supports folks with HIV, and Well Grounded helps people get jobs in the coffee industry. They could always use some support.

Oh, and there’s this book called “Jazz Food” by Sean Wilson. It’s all about jazz legends, great recipes, and cool playlists. If you dig jazz and food, you’ll love it.

Cafe Kitty? It’s a whole vibe, mixing history with today’s coolness. If you’re up for good food, fun drinks, and soaking in that Soho energy, it’s the spot to be.